Shipping & Documentation Services

Food production that is on-spec is the critical first step for a best-in-class food contract manufacturer. Beyond that, delivery that is not only on time but also cost-effective is critical to customer satisfaction. With our experience and the ability to reduce supply chain costs, we at Epicurean 21 deliver the best of both worlds.

Shipping food products often requires special handling, such as temperature control or providing moisture-resistant packaging so food stays fresh and appealing. Food manufacturing and shipping of foods and ingredients are global, complex and highly regulated undertakings, but leveraging an efficient supply chain can help you save money, satisfy your customers and ensure that your reputation for quality food products stays intact.

At Epicurean 21, contract manufacturing and shipping of food ingredients and finished goods are key parts of what we do, and our expertise in food manufacturing and shipping can help you reduce spoilage and control costs. Whether you need to ship by overseas containers, full truckload, LTL, train or by air we have the expertise in supply chain logistics to help you get the best deal for on-time deliveries.

Documentation Services

Shipping can be a very paperwork-intensive process. There are bills of lading and shipping manifests, labeling requirements including special-handling labels, and in the case of international shipments, pro forma invoices and customs declarations. Even a single error or missed entry can delay your shipment.

The Epicurean 21 team has experience in all modes of shipment and with most major carriers, so we know exactly what needs to be done to ensure your shipment gets out the door and to your customer’s dock on time.

We have a dedicated customer service team who will personally coordinate your shipping needs to ensure timely delivery at the lowest possible cost. Our goal is to provide the best possible food manufacturing and shipping of food ingredients and finished food products, so your supply chain becomes the key differentiator that you rely on to satisfy customers, control costs, reduce spoilage and comply with regulations.

Epicurean 21 can help you improve your supply chain performance and control your overall food product supply chain costs.