Food Production, Product Development, and R&D Services

The R&D program of Epicurean 21 builds upon foundational research in the establishment of the understanding of plants and animals that have been domesticated and cultured to provide human foods. This understanding involves knowledge of the long-term evolution of these species as they existed in the wild, and knowledge as to how their domestication and culture by man continues to evolve. The climate of this dynamic environment has altered their biochemical, physiological, and ecological natures as to their functional capacities to produce desired food products and as to how their culture impacts our environment. This understanding sets the stage for present and future R&D. Epicurean 21 performs research in the sciences underlying production system elements required to produce food products, providing desirable eating experiences and chosen by discerning consumers. This research is performed both by in-house and extramural teams engaging cutting-edge scientists to develop disruptive technologies to assure product streams superior to customer expectations inclusive of designer food products™.

In-house research targets the orchestration of fundamental principles discovered in the contracted research into modifications in a production designed to increase food product value. The delivery systems design is to advance our production streams to increase the accuracy and precision of fresh, frozen, organic, dried, dehydrated, jarred and canned designer food products in exceeding customer desires.  In this manner research issues evolve into improvements, system modifications, including vendors and our dedication allow these R&D programs to begin and end with our customers. We begin by gaining an understanding of our customers, their cultural and culinary contexts in terms of the dynamics associated with their desires for eating experiences. We then translate these desires into visions of the characteristics of our designer food products™ requirements to exceed these desires. We then identify production, delivery system elements that stand in the way of delivering products having these characteristics. The next step is to identify at the most fundamental level, the biological principles governing the production of these products.

Ultimately, we translate understanding of these principles into production systems designed to consistently produce products with characteristics desired by targeted consumers and gauge how well these products meet expectations. Epicurean 21 academy is a nonprofit, nonpartisan independent division of Epicurean 21 dedicated to high-quality research, strategic capacity development, and purposeful engagement as well as provision for the education of the next generation of scientists and executives for the company. Drawing on the expertise of practitioners, policymakers, and academics, we aim to advance this platform while seeking to provide timely, where appropriate, policy-relevant commentary, insightful analysis, scholarly informative debates on topics, inclusive of contemporary issues. Our profile base is on open sources of food, designer food products™ their byproducts, animal and plant science, and nutrition, which are each basic component from which we are to build new services, while aiming to strengthen relationships, in agro-ecology of crop along with animal and plant biotechnology, including food, meat, and beverage sciences.

Epicurean 21 research unit dedication is towards bringing professionals, including the insights of scholars to bear on the development of designer food products™, their byproducts security, animal and plant science, food and nutrition, safety as well as quality challenges. We seek to offer ideas to advance regional prosperity, while providing a networking platform that allows professionals to come together to share resources, with ideas, while deploying best practices.

As one of the top food production and development companies, Epicurean 21 has the personnel, equipment, experience and willingness to work with you side by side to develop foods and optimize processes until we achieve the results you want.

Creating innovative new products helps ensure that your food manufacturing company will continue to grow. Partnering with Epicurean 21 is the easy way to get your food product ready to market without disrupting your existing production processes.