Processing Capabilities

The caliber of your food processing company will determine the quality of your end product. You want a production partner with the right tools, resources, versatility, skill and acute attention to industry standards and regulations.

Our customers know they can trust Epicurean 21 for all of their food processing needs, and so can you.

We live in an increasingly globalized society where a lot of people live thousands of miles away from where their food is sourced. Even when goods are produced and sold domestically, vast distances often separate the dinner table from the farm. As such, producers must invest ample thought into how they prepare food for modern consumers — both at home and around the globe.

Navigating this landscape isn’t easy. There are many options when it comes to transforming raw ingredients into finished, marketable goods for end users. Consumers are becoming more discerning about how their food is prepared, especially when processing is involved. Regulators continue to publish new guidelines concerning food processing and labeling, almost daily. These challenges are very real, and they will become more pronounced as the gap between growers and consumers increases with time.

With the right food processing company by your side, it is possible to consistently deliver quality products that are easy to transport, safe to store and delicious to eat.

As a top food processing company in Egypt, Epicurean 21 customers know they can trust us with the most complex food processing needs. With our extensive expertise and unmatched attention to detail, we have the right capabilities for virtually any job. And we have the right tools and resources for the job.

Here are a few of our signature food processing services:

  • Blending
  • Drying
  • Freezing
  • Consumer Packaging
  • Re-packaging

We pride ourselves on our ability to customize food processing options to suit whatever unique requirements you might have.