Consulting Services

Epicurean 21 offers world class consulting to the Food & Beverage industry on an international scope in areas, such as Food Product Technology Innovation, Integrated Food Safety and Quality Assurance, Integrated Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management, Executive Level Business Process and Performance Consulting, or even Food and Beverage Legal Expertise.

Epicurean 21 can provide assistance and problem-solving expertise for virtually any area within the food industry. In today’s competitive environment, more and more companies are realizing that it is not cost efficient to maintain in-house expertise in all functional areas. They are finding that by utilizing outside consultants, as the need arises, they can both save money and tap into a wealth of experience that they simply cannot afford to maintain themselves.

That’s where our consulting services can add value. Through us, you have access to the right consultants when you need them, and all without the cost associated with large consulting firms or permanently adding to your overhead with new employees. We can refer you to a single consultant or assemble a team that is perfectly matched to meet your objectives. You pay only for what you need, when you need it.

Our mission is to create innovative food & beverage technology solutions that provide our clients a cost-effective, competitive edge in their market place. We have a history of innovative food and technology solutions that our clients benefit from daily. We bring proven expertise from a wide variety of R&D, QA, food manufacturing, and supply chain management experiences to bear on every technology solution opportunity.