Purchasing (Turnkey, Toll or Hybrid)

Customer needs are different and Epicurean 21 understands that. Many customers prefer that we take care of everything – procuring every ingredient and packaging component, executing the processing work, and delivering a complete turnkey solution. Other customers only need help for parts of the process or wants us to execute a hybrid of tolling and turnkey – procuring some, but not all, of the raw materials and packaging. That works for us as well.

When it comes to turnkey delivery, our services cover everything from ingredient purchasing of one minor raw material to comprehensive procurement of every ingredient and packaging component used in processing your product. You can choose to specify your preferred vendors or let us identify manufacturers on your behalf.

We work with the approach you want to use. Some customers direct us to their preferred supplier and/or work off their supply contracts while others want us to use our network of suppliers to search for additional options. Epicurean 21 is flexible to what works best for you – we stand ready to deliver it. As a premium food contract manufacturer providing custom processing services to the global food industry, we understand that our ability to deliver complete solutions is how we will continue to grow.

Epicurean 21’s strong presence and penetration in Egypt and the Middle East combined with our buying expertise allow us to source superior products competitively and with ease. You simply place an order and look forward to the products being produced to your specifications, shipped where and when you need them, or warehoused for pickup on your schedule.

At Epicurean 21, we hold suppliers to the highest standards for quality ingredients. We have the right equipment and a skilled staff to handle any job, and we are keenly aware of ever-changing industry standards and regulations.